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Paranormal Investigation at Carlheim Manor

Quick Details

Paranormal Investigation at Carlheim Manor
Person PG-13 • Children under 13 should be accompanied by an adult
Escape Carlheim Add-On
People PG-13 • Children under 13 should be accompanied by an adult

Are You Brave Enough To Spend All Night Inside The Haunted Carlheim Manor?

Five times per year, Carlheim Manor is open for all night ghost hunts. Each Paranormal Investigation is led by a team from Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigators. Get to know Carlheim Manor room by room, while you hunt for ghosts. This is a very different experience than our typical Shocktober event that is filled with actors and screams at every turn. This is an all-night event, where you and only two dozen others are exploring the house with paranormal investigation equipment to find EVPs, Sightings and other evidence of ghosts inside of Carlheim Manor. The mansion has 140 years of history ready for exploring! All proceeds from the investigation benefit The Arc of Loudoun, a nonprofit that serves people with disabilities and their families.

For private parties please call to book

What To Expect

An introduction to ghost hunting, some techniques and equipment, all-night access to Carlheim Manor, and access to a team of professional ghost hunters from MAPI (Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigations).

Please know that the Manor itself is currently STAGED for our SHOCKTOBER haunted house fundraiser. There are props and items in the rooms, on the walls throughout the house and basement. Since you will be investigating in the dark, please be mindful of these props and do not touch them or move them during your investigations.

What to Bring

Please make sure to bring a FLASHLIGHT, as the lights will be off the entire night inside of Carlheim Manor.

Carlheim Manor is a 145 year old 32-room mansion that does NOT have heating or air conditioning, please plan accordingly and dress in layers!

Please also feel free to bring any equipment that you have: paranormal investigation equipment; recording devices; cameras; video cameras; etc. Your investigators will have theirs as well, but the more the merrier.

You should bring your chargers and/or extra batteries for any equipment you bring, as many times batteries are drained quickly inside of Carlheim Manor…

Feel free to bring snacks and drinks. Coffee is provided. Visitors are welcome to bring additional food and/or drink, but no food or beverages are allow inside of Carlheim Manor, only during breaks (every hour) will guests have access to them in a neighboring cottage.

Please Note

All proceeds benefit The Arc of Loudon and their mission dedicated to serving people with disabilities and their families.