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October 2016

Artice: Who invented the Haunted House? By Matt Buzz, 12 Oct. 2016

Video: The Schoctober Zombie is a fight, By Wuwa9’s great day Washington, 12 Oct 2016

Video: Haunted house for a good cause, by Wusa9s great day Washington, 12 Oct. 2016

Video: Virginia Haunted House proceed to help people with disabilities, by Barbara Harrison, NBC4 News, 12 Oct 2016

Ariticle:‘Shocktober’ and awe, by Joanne & Lawton, Washington Business Journal, 8 Oct 2016

Mention: 10 Haunted halloween happenings in the DC area, Washington Magazine

Mention: How many scares can you handle?, WTOP Washingston’s Top News

Mention: This flow chart is all you need to plan a halloween, Washington Post

Mention: A weekend in wine country, Viginia Living

September 2016

Article: Paxton Campus unveils new Shocktober terrors tonight, By Danielle nadler, Loudoun now, 30 Sept 16

Article: 25 Haunted Houses across America that will scare the crap out of you,, By And Golder, 19 Sept 2016

August 2016

Article: There’s Haunted House in Virginia that’s so terrifying you have to sign a waiver to enter, only in your state, Beth Wellford, 18 Aug 2016

Article: Old ox brews the flavor of Shocktober, by Rens Greene, Loudoun now, 12 Aug 2016

May 2016

Visit Loudoun dishes out annual tourism awards, by Trevor Barakto, Loudoun Times Mirror, 3 may 2016

Febuary 2016

Article: My Bloody Valentine offers fear, romance in leesburg, by Tiffany Arnold, 12 Febuary 2016.

Videos: Shocktober’s ‘My Bloody Valentine’ Feb. 12-14, with Eileen Whelan of WJLA news channel 7.

Article: Dare to scare for a unique valentine’s day, by Adrienne West, Northern Virginia Magazine. 9 Febuary 2016.

January 2016

Article: A Bloody Valentine’s day adventure at Paxton Campus by Hannah Dellinger, Loudoun Times-Mirror. 29 January 2016.

Press release: Shocktober opens its doors for three night in February and on night in March!

October 2015

Blog: Halloween Haunt Review: Shocktober (Paxton Manor): Warning: Just reading this post may scare you! Read at your own risk! by Patricia Hall, 17 Oct. 2015

D-Line, linebackers reflect on getting super scared this week at ‘Shocktober’, Jake Kringschreifels, associate writer,, 16 Oct. 2015

Video: Shocktober’s Paxton Manor in Leesburg, VA., by Meaghan Mooney at WUSA9’s Great Day Washington, 16 Oct 2015

Redskins linebackers tackle haunted house in VA., By Michelle Basch | WTOP 16 October 2015

How I… Give people the creeps for a good cause: Leesburg’s The Aurora School turns into haunted house to  raise wicked amounts of money, by Chase Cabot of Washington Business Journal on 16 Oct 2015

Redskins’ linebackers get spooked in Leesburg, by Danielle Nadler, Leesburg Today, 15 Oct 2015

Redskins defensive line got very scared at a haunted house, by Extra Mustard | Sports

Redskins defensive line visits haunted house, gets scared, Scott Allen, Washington Post, 13 Oct 2015

Redskins’ D-Line gets a good scare at ‘Shocktober’, Stephen Czarda,, 13 Oct 2015

Even Redskins D-linemen get scared at haunted houses, CSN MID-ATLANTIC, 13 Oct 2015

Blog: Shocktober is a spooktacular haunt supporting a great cause! Amy Pope Fitzgerald of Twingles mom Blog, 10 Oct 2015

Halloween 2015: Shocktober’s Paxton Manor Haunted House in Leesburg, Virginia,, 9 Oct 2015

These 12 haunted houses in Virginia will terrify you in the best way (Paxton Manor #4), Only In Your State, 9 Oct 2015

Shocktober aims to scare for a good cause, by Mike Stancik, Leesburg Today, 7 Oct 2015

Video: Haunting season begins at Virginia estate: Paxton Mansion begins new season, by NBC4 News. 2 Oct 2015

Video: DIY Zombie makeup on Let’s Talk Live on channel 8 News. 2 Oct 2015 (Minute 19:25)

Earlier 2015

Shocktober’s Paxton Manor opens its award-winning haunted house on October 2nd, Paxton Campus Press Release, 9 sept 2015

Loudoun’s Tourism Champions Honored at visit Loudoun Awards, By Trevor Baratko, Loudon Times Mirror, 4 May 2015


Shocktober in full swing at Paxton Manor, by Mike Stancik, Leesburg Today, 17 Oct 2014

A scare Captain surveys the horrors at his haunted house, by Jessica Contrera of the Washington Post, 17 Oct 2014

Paxton Manor’s Shocktober is back!, by gues blogger Rachel Roseberry, in Visit Loudoun, 14 Oct 2014

Get scared in Nova, by Andy Tran, Northern Virginia Magazine, 14 Oct 2014

Shocktober enter its fifth year with screaming sucess!, Paxton Manor Press Release, 7 Oct 2014

October’s haunted happenings kicks off this weekend, Jan Mercker, Leesburg Today, 1 Oct 2014