Press and Media Night at Shocktober

Saturday, October 3, 2015, from 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm – members of the press are welcomed to join us at Shocktober’s Paxton Manor in Leesburg, VA for a behind the scenes tour of the two Shocktober haunt attractions: Paxton Manor and its basement, The Haunted Well of Souls.  Members of the press will see the REAL Haunted House with the lights on, get a tour of the special effects, costumes and make up that we use to turn this beautiful Victorian mansion into your worst zombie-filled nightmares.

Please contact Rachel: rroseberry@paxtoncampus.org or (703) 431-4279 for a Press Pass.


2015 Press Release: Shocktober’s Paxton Manor Opens its Award-Winning Haunted House on October 2nd

LEESBURG, Virginia – September 9, 2015 – Shocktober’s Paxton Manor will open its sixth season this year as an award-winning haunt. The 150+ team of dedicated volunteer actors and crew won Visit Loudoun’s Humanitarian Award this past spring. Paxton Manor is a 140-year old mansion located in Leesburg, Virginia, that has been transformed into a professional haunted house that raises funds for Paxton Campus, a nonprofit providing services to people with disabilities and their families living in Loudoun.

“We Scare Because We Care, is our motto” says Jennifer Lassiter, Executive Director of Paxton Campus. “Shocktober brings a diverse group of amazing volunteers: from our Board of Directors and staff, to people who love our cause and want to help, to haunt enthusiasts who love to scare people. Each volunteer contributes so much to the entire production.”

Shocktober is a major production that logged over 5,200 volunteer hours and raised over $200,000 for Paxton Campus in 2014. Since Shocktober’s inception the proceeds have helped Paxton Campus create two new programs: “A Life Like Yours” ALLY Advocacy Center, that fills the unmet needs of the community by providing free information, supports and services to people with disabilities and their families; as well as Supported Training and Employment Program (STEP Up), a job skills and training program for adults with disabilities.

Paxton Manor is a source of mysterious local folklore, and many say paranormal activity.  The 32-room mansion was built in 1872 above a massive underground lake and immense limestone caverns.  “It is the perfect location for a haunted house, we just add actors and special effects and the house takes on a life of its own,” says Lassiter.

Theme of Shocktober: Legend has it that over 100 years ago, The Carvers were banished from Leesburg and forced to move to the underground caverns beneath the Paxton Manor. These zombie cave-dwellers were tired of living underground so they have taken over the haunted mansion, wreaking havoc on all who enter.  Attractions include: Paxton Manor, and its basement, The Haunted Well of Souls.

Dates: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the month of October

Hours: Fridays and Saturdays: 7-10pm; Sundays: 7-9pm

Location: 601 Catoctin Circle, NE, Leesburg, Virginia 20176

Cost: ONLINE: $30 including Paxton Manor and its basement, the Haunted Well of Souls; TICKET OFFICE: $35 including Paxton Manor and its basement, the Haunted Well of Souls

For more information, visit www.shocktober.org or contact Rachel Roseberry, Communications Coordinator, at rroseberry@paxtoncampus.org or by phone at 703.431.4279.


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We Scare Because We Care

All proceeds from Shocktober events go to Paxton Campus, a Loudoun nonprofit that helps children and adults with disabilities.

We Scare Because We Care

All proceeds from Shocktober events go to The Arc of Loudoun , a nonprofit that helps children and adults with disabilities. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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