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General Admission

Entrance to Manor and Well of Souls • PG13+

Quick Details

General Admission

Four floors of haunted horrors!

Shocktober™, a terrifying, PG-13 haunted experience, takes place in the 32-room, 20,000-square-foot, 4-level Carlheim Manor and “Well of Souls” basement, located in the historic district of Leesburg, Loudoun County, Va, the heart of DC’s Wine Country. Carlheim Manor, Northern Virginia’s only REAL Haunted House, was built in 1872 over limestone caverns and an underground lake which has a history of legends filled with paranormal activity. Shocktober™ is NOT for the faint of heart! Are you brave enough to face the horrors around every corner of Shocktober™?


By participating in SHOCKTOBER™ activities, you assume all risks and hazards associated with this event. SHOCKTOBER™ is meant to terrify and entertain, and assumes no responsibility for how you or others react to such scares. In addition, anyone choosing to participate in SHOCKTOBER™ acknowledges they have voluntarily agreed to participate, which MAY involve various physical activities, including but not limited to climbing steps, crawling, or squeezing through tight spaces, all WITH LITTLE TO NO LIGHTING. In addition, SHOCKTOBER™ takes place on a historical property with uneven surfaces, obstacles and structures that are potential hazards. For security reasons, the property is under video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week campus-wide.

All proceeds benefit The Arc of Loudon’s mission: to advocate for, educate, serve, and support people with disabilities and their families.