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Paxton Manor’s Halloween Haunt Stems from Real Events in Leesburg

Lurking quietly directly beneath Paxton Manor lies an enormous underground lake; the depth of its waters and height of its walls remain a mystery to this day. One single well, located in the deepest corner of the manor’s basement, is the only entrance to the lake’s frigid waters. Having been built long before the manor existed, the well (and lake’s) fame spread throughout Leesburg, Virginia.

Local Leesburg and Washington, DC newspapers told of one man who braved the journey into the lake’s vast array of caverns by being lowered 30 feet into the unknown abyss with only a canoe. He spoke of water so clear that he couldn’t see the bottom and caverns so large that he wouldn’t dare venture through them.

Only a few years ago was the entrance to the well rediscovered with its lid firmly in place. It is unknown how many have ventured into the depths of the lake and who or what they found – or if they ever made it out. So much more than a haunted haunted house, the Paxton Manor in Leesburg has real history full of horror and paranormal activity.

Now the house has been overrun by a bunch of hillbilly zombies… The Carvers and they aren’t leaving anytime soon.