The History of The Carvers at Paxton Manor

Over one hundred years ago Jedidiah Carver was found guilty of unorthodox acts of animal husbandry.  For these crimes, his lands were seized and he and his family were cast out of the Town of Leesburg.

Homeless, he moved his family to the caverns that lie beneath Paxton Manor. Here they dwelled for many years.  Things went well for The Carver family and they thrived and multiplied. Though as time went on things began to go wrong…

The Carver Family


Jewel Carver’s story..

Fer hunderds of years, my fambly worked this land.  We hunted, trapped, and found all we could et in these here parts.  Then they tried to run Pa off just cuz some fancy rich people’s animals went missin’. Ever body got all riled up ‘bout findin’ dead horses and some dogs, maybe a skint cat.  A man’s gotta live, and if that means he has ta hack somethin’ up for fun ever now and then, it ain’t right to judge a man fer that.  Even tho they tol’ Pa ta take us all an’ leave, we never did.  We took to the land. We moved under the ground.  They’s caves and a whole lake down there.  We been down there all this time jus’ waitin’ to come back and show y’all that you can’t run a Carver off.

You coulda knocked me over wid a feather when we come up from the caves to see this big ol’ fancy house jus’ sittin’ there empty.  It’s like it wuz jus’ waitin’ on us to come up and make it home.  It had all these high falutin’ thangs in it like a whole room jus’ fer your liquor.  Ol’ Shiner Carver done set his still up in there and it works right fine.  And so many purty thangs..fancy beds and lookin’ glasses.  All our babies got room ta bring all their captures home and play with ‘em.  Good ol’ Stitch Carver always wanted to be a doc and now he’s got plenny of places to cut things up and sew ‘em back together.  Granny’s been cookin’ up all kinds of vittles in the kitchen –anythin’ that gets in front o’ her shotgun or any body that gets too mouthy with her jus’ might make it to the table.  Good ol’ Granny shure do feed us good.  They’s generations and generations of us now.  Livin’ down the caves jus seemed to make us all live longer.  They’s so many of us now, you can’t outrun us.  You can’t hide from us.  And we fixin’ to show all you city folk what happens when you cross a Carver.

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