Shocktober in Leesburg, Virginia has three recurring events:

My Bloody Valentine: a weekend event every February

Every FEARbruary, Paxton Manor opens is doors for an annual anti-Valentine event. My Bloody Valentine trip through love-wrecked horrors inside the haunted Paxton Manor. This is a PG: 13 Event and not for the faint of heart… Not everybody goes for chocolate, candy and roses on Valentine’s Day, The Carvers wear their hearts on their sleeves, dripping with blood…

Paranormal Investigations or All Night Ghost Hunts: four times a year

Four times per year, Paxton Manor is open for all night ghost hunts. Each Paranormal Investigation is led by a team from Mid-Atlantic Paranormal Investigators.  Get to know Paxton Manor room by room, while you hunt for ghosts. This is a very different experience than our typical Shocktober event that is filled with actors and screams at every turn. This is an all-night event, where you and only two dozen others are exploring the house with paranormal investigation equipment to find EVPs, Sightings and other evidence of ghosts inside of Paxton Manor.  The mansion has 140 years of history ready for exploring!

Shocktober: our main event, every weekend October

Every weekend in October, we will welcome you to Shocktober’s Paxton Manor and its basement, Carnival of Souls, two terrifying attractions that will leave you screaming.

Paxton Manor is Northern Virginia’s only REAL Haunted House and the best destination for Halloween entertainment in Leesburg, Virginia and the DC area. Carnival of Souls, the basement of Paxton Manor, is full of creepy clowns and carnival carnage. Our haunted attractions are not for the faint of heart, this annual event is PG-13 Scary Fun. Our two attractions features more than 100 cast and crew to create the ultimate haunted house experience.

Legend has it that over 100 years ago, The Carvers were banished from Leesburg and forced to move to the underground caverns beneath the Paxton Manor. These zombie cave-dwellers were tired of living underground so they have taken over the haunted mansion, wreaking havoc on all who enter.  Attractions include: Paxton Manor, and its basement, Carnival of Souls.

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We Scare Because We Care

All proceeds from Shocktober events go to Paxton Campus, a Loudoun nonprofit that helps children and adults with disabilities.

We Scare Because We Care

All proceeds from Shocktober events go to The Arc of Loudoun , a nonprofit that helps children and adults with disabilities. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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